Sunday, April 20, 2014


This week Sister Svedin didn't write a "To Everyone" so I'll just cut and paste the bits and pieces that she did email. :)
Here is a list of questions that I gave her to answer.
*What has been your biggest challenge this week?

*What has been your biggest concern?

*What has been your biggest success?

*Who has been your favorite person this week? why?

*What are you looking forward to this coming week?

*Do you have a goal set for this coming week? Tell me about it.

Anything else I need to know or you want to share?

And her response...
Biggest Challenge... talking to people. We focused on going to less actives homes and none of them wanted to talk to us. So that was hard.
Biggest Concern... my WEIGHT!!! AH. I am going to start considering only having one plate of food. Not two. No worries though. Its not like I gained 50 pounds. I still fit into all of my clothing and Sister Kreissl says I don't even look like I gained anything. She is just too kind :)
Biggest Success.... This week we got 6 referrals which never happens! For us at least! So it was muy bueno! That's something that you should think of. Finding someone for the missionaries to teach! Do you know what the ward mission plan is??
Favorite Person...Well there is a family I just LOVE!! I called them last night about dinner on Tuesday and I was talking to them and I guess their power went out and they were playing with matches. And she told me that I was now on speaker phone and to tell everyone what I needed to tell them. (I had no clue on what to say) then she said well yah know how we shouldn't play with matches. So I just went off saying how we shouldn't play with matches and how we didn't need to fear because the power will come on and it wont stay out forever because there weren't going to be any zombie apocalypses happening. I love them! Ha their name is the Farias. And for the longest time I kept saying Ferrari. But I love them :) Her name is Gena Faria. You could probably find her on FB!! 
Looking forward to.... I am looking forward to a ton of things!! On Wednesday I am going to the temple!! On Saturday we have an activity planned! It's gonna be awesome! It's an Easter egg hunt/church tour. So everyone hopefully will invite their neighbors to come! And in the eggs that the kids pick up...there won't be any candy and it will symbolize Christ not being in the tomb. We are giving out candy bags at the end of the night :) We are being smart so they won't take the candy and leave but stay and go through the church tour and then get the candy :P
Goal for the week... exercise outside...and focus. WOW! I am not a good focuser. 
Anything else.... Well.... I am not sure. Today I am going to play catch with Elder Wipfler. I'm excited for that! HA
Ohkay so we pulled up to a house, member, and S. Kreissl said wow, they look alive. (The house was dark inside) and I said, "Don't say that! They are older." Ha. It was funny. I love being companions with S. Kreissl. You say her name like Christll bless you :) If I haven't pronounced it for ya yet :) Oh and we were talking to a girl named Skylan? And something that she said cause we told her later that we were "Mormons" cause she was asking if we had a nickname for our church and then she asked if it was a bad nickname and we said no but yes. And then she said she has a friend who said that she doesn't introduce herself as a Baptist because its like saying Hi, I'm a jerk. Ha it was silly! 

Love you all!
Sister Svedin

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