Monday, April 21, 2014

A MOUSE!!!!! Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello everyone! I actually don't know who you all are but I love you for gathering at your screen to read about missionary work in the Arvada 3rd Ward! This past week was Week 5 of my 2nd transfer! Next week is Transfer Monday. Super weird... 
So I was on my sleep over this past week! and one of the mornings at exactly 1:30 a.m. I awoke to something crawling on my hair. (I am a light/deep sleeper.) So as I lay there with my eyes open wondering if I should move or not something dashes in front of my face and then turns around and goes back! I jumped out of bed and turned the light on. I can't see anything so I get on S. Kreissl's bed to aviod it crawling over my feet and wake her up. We end up going into the living room to sleep, or attempt for me. The next day luckily, we were sleeping at our home so I didn't have to go through a night of no sleep. The family set a trap and they caught the nasty thing! It was a mouse! A MOUSE touch me when I was sleeping. Gross. 
Oh so that was Thursday morning and on Monday it was Zone P-day and we all played volleyball and basketball and I got to play catch!! It was so fun! I let some elders use my glove too. One of them, Elder Schmitt felt bad cause it was all sweaty but I told him not to worry cause I sweat in the glove too... Silly Elder. 
We have an investigator named Desiree and she is 16 and I know she is solid! We taught her twice this past week and this week hopefully twice again! And an investigator named Shane who is awesome! He is 27 though so we have to hand him over to the YSA ward. 
I rolled the window down one day and sqwacked at some birds... yah there was a car behind us with his window down... Oh well though! 
I have received some nicknames! Hermana Aranya... not sure on spelling but it means Sister Spider. No joke... the spiders come after me. And Anorexia. Grandpa Nelson gave me that one! He lives with us.
I am giving up dairy. Not fully. Cause if someone feeds me dairy I need to eat it of course ;) but no milk just almond milk or Kefir. I am working on just eating healthy things! Cause I need to be healthy. I want to come home looking the same :)
We had an Easter Activity where the kids went on a hunt and then we did a church tour for all those that were interested! It turned out super good for the first time of doing it! Next year will be tons better!!!
I made it into the Journal of Daweson Jones! He is the dad of one of the families here that I love!! He wrote "I got kicked out of dinner by a sister missionary." Ohkay. The story. One day we were over there for dinner and he was sick and was deciding whether or not to go lay down or to stay and I said Go lay down. We don't want to get sick. and he ended up writing about it! YAY me. I'm in a journal :) I love it here in Arvada! The people are great! And all of you are great as well :)
S. Kreissl is the best! She is keeping good care of me so no worries :)
Love you all! If you want, you could always write me a letter :)
Sister Ashlee Svedin
Colorado Denver North Mission
1250 Main St.
Broomfield, CO 80020

Until next time
Sister Svedin :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014


This week Sister Svedin didn't write a "To Everyone" so I'll just cut and paste the bits and pieces that she did email. :)
Here is a list of questions that I gave her to answer.
*What has been your biggest challenge this week?

*What has been your biggest concern?

*What has been your biggest success?

*Who has been your favorite person this week? why?

*What are you looking forward to this coming week?

*Do you have a goal set for this coming week? Tell me about it.

Anything else I need to know or you want to share?

And her response...
Biggest Challenge... talking to people. We focused on going to less actives homes and none of them wanted to talk to us. So that was hard.
Biggest Concern... my WEIGHT!!! AH. I am going to start considering only having one plate of food. Not two. No worries though. Its not like I gained 50 pounds. I still fit into all of my clothing and Sister Kreissl says I don't even look like I gained anything. She is just too kind :)
Biggest Success.... This week we got 6 referrals which never happens! For us at least! So it was muy bueno! That's something that you should think of. Finding someone for the missionaries to teach! Do you know what the ward mission plan is??
Favorite Person...Well there is a family I just LOVE!! I called them last night about dinner on Tuesday and I was talking to them and I guess their power went out and they were playing with matches. And she told me that I was now on speaker phone and to tell everyone what I needed to tell them. (I had no clue on what to say) then she said well yah know how we shouldn't play with matches. So I just went off saying how we shouldn't play with matches and how we didn't need to fear because the power will come on and it wont stay out forever because there weren't going to be any zombie apocalypses happening. I love them! Ha their name is the Farias. And for the longest time I kept saying Ferrari. But I love them :) Her name is Gena Faria. You could probably find her on FB!! 
Looking forward to.... I am looking forward to a ton of things!! On Wednesday I am going to the temple!! On Saturday we have an activity planned! It's gonna be awesome! It's an Easter egg hunt/church tour. So everyone hopefully will invite their neighbors to come! And in the eggs that the kids pick up...there won't be any candy and it will symbolize Christ not being in the tomb. We are giving out candy bags at the end of the night :) We are being smart so they won't take the candy and leave but stay and go through the church tour and then get the candy :P
Goal for the week... exercise outside...and focus. WOW! I am not a good focuser. 
Anything else.... Well.... I am not sure. Today I am going to play catch with Elder Wipfler. I'm excited for that! HA
Ohkay so we pulled up to a house, member, and S. Kreissl said wow, they look alive. (The house was dark inside) and I said, "Don't say that! They are older." Ha. It was funny. I love being companions with S. Kreissl. You say her name like Christll bless you :) If I haven't pronounced it for ya yet :) Oh and we were talking to a girl named Skylan? And something that she said cause we told her later that we were "Mormons" cause she was asking if we had a nickname for our church and then she asked if it was a bad nickname and we said no but yes. And then she said she has a friend who said that she doesn't introduce herself as a Baptist because its like saying Hi, I'm a jerk. Ha it was silly! 

Love you all!
Sister Svedin

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Big Letter! - March 31, 2014

Alright. I have a ton of things to say but I don't know where to start and what to talk about so I will just talk about a couple of things! Sister Kreissl is the bomb. And so are the Elders and other Sisters! I love being in Arvada 3rd Ward. They really do love helping us missionaries out. Well the sisters :) 
Saturday, I got to dig in a garden and play around with worms! We actually named them all. There was Nephi and Lehi and all the others and we couldn't forget ourselves. So I found a short and chubby worm for myself and Sister Kreissl found a tall and skinny one! Then the Elders of course had to find big ones. Ha. 
Sister Kreissl and I gave sharing time in primary yesterday and that was super fun! I got kissed. No worries though. A boy named Cody came up to me during primary singing time and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Totally random and unexpected. Made my day though!! Then after church, he licked my hand..... gross. He is 3 though. 
A framily in the ward (friend-family) they are putting a garden in their backyard and also a fire pit and a chicken coop. Well they got chicks and told us to come over and see them sometime so since everyone we planned to visit fell through last night/rescheduled we went over to the Ellis's and saw the chicks. One of them pooped on me... My day was awesome yesterday though! Really! 
On Friday, we went to the follow up training meeting and that was awesome! It was the last time that all of us who came out together would be in the same room together while on the mission. We got home safely. I am trusting Heavenly Father a lot! 
THURSDAY!! I gave a recitation for the first time! It was awesome! and then also we played balloon volleyball and BINGO at Arvada Estates! Again, I love doing that! I am meeting more missionaries too! 
A couple of days this past week, I have been more focused on the work than eating dinner. And it gets late and then I remember or it's the day we have dinner and I remember oh yah... we need to make sure we are still having dinner! 
I am learning so much too! Spiritually!! It's so awesome! I am so grateful to be on a mission! I learn things that I have to step back and go wait, why did I not learn this before my mission? It is so true that the things you learn on your mission help you for your future! Instead of me learning these things slowly at home I learn them so quick on my mission! I love it!!! 
Anyways.... I am going hiking today!!! So excited! It's going to be fun!
Love you all! 
Sister Svedin!

p.s. All of you should watch General Conference and not fall asleep!!! Don't do it! The talks have been prepared for us to help us in life. It's like instructions to a game except it's life and it's from God and the Holy Ghost will touch our hearts! Prepare yourself by thinking of a question that you really want help with and I promise that you will receive your answer because I know that Heavenly Father loves us and will always answer the questions that we ask Him. :)
Other than that.... SMILE!!! :) It's healthy!

Monday, March 24, 2014

TO EVERYONE!!! - March 24, 2014

So family and friends,

I have gathered you today to read about my past week. Shout out to Sister McFarland and also the Young Womens and Emily and Grandma and Grandpa. I love you all!
On Wednesday I got to attend the temple! I love it! I have also been praying for a trial. And I havent gotten one yet. Heavenly Father likes to mess with me. I have decided my trial is to not recieve a trial. :) 
To all the insiders : I met "the missionary". NBD! Moving on.....
No joke, every family in my ward has a baby. And I can't hold babies. Maybe that's my trial?
Tracting is so fun! I love knocking on doors. The sidewalks here are a little small. My companion Sister Kreissl actually wrote down something that I said! I said "It's like their own personal fat joke they have for everyone." Cause seriously we can not walk next to each other. 
I saw a '67 Mustang. :) They only made 500 of them BTW.
This transfer is going to be awesome! I love going over to Arvada Estates in case you didnt know. I have many friends there! And hymn singing is the best! 
On Sunday we had linger longer after church. It was so yummy! I loved it! and I have gained a different testimony about the Book of Mormon. I was reading one day this past week and it stood out to me while reading that I have read the Book of Mormon. And if I turn away from the gospel, when I am judged on Judgement day, the Book of Mormon will be there testifying that I have witnessed the truthfulness of the gospel and that I have felt the spirit. So many times do the writers of the Book of Mormon say that they testify of the things that are in the book. So just a thought for you all. 
I know this church is true and that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. Christ is our Savior. Through Him we can become better and live with our families forever! Prophets are called of God! Joseph Smith was called to Restore the fullness of the gospel back on the earth! and Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today who leads and guides us! Conference is coming up and I am super excited! Not only because I am a missionary and the spirit I carry with me is exemplified it seems like rather than it would being at home, but because we all get to sit down and listen to the prophet and all the other speakers!! 
I love you all so very much! And I have not forgotten any of you! I passed my 2 month mark! AWESOME! only 16 months left. 
Love, Sister Svedin! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Transfers. New home. New companion. New responsibilities. NEW EVERYTHING!! - March 18, 2014

So I have a new companion and her name is Sister Kreissl. She is awesome! Her and Sister Ladle came out the same time so they are both out 6 months. Sister Kreissl brings new things to the plate though. It's the first time also for training for her. So this'll be interesting again! People say the 2nd transfer is a tough one. Bring it! I'm ready to grow! I actually went a little crazy and prayed for a trial. I think it's that I have to know where everything is and get us there. I'm also gonna be a driving instructor cause my companion got her license right before she came out and she is 20. YAY!!! I am scared for my life actually. Heavenly Father will protect. :) No worries!

We got 2 new investigators this past week and only 4 missionaries came out this transfer! I'm way excited to be able to work with Sister Kreissl though! She is all for going out and tracting so I am excited about that! Today we went to a meeting with the Primary Pres. and Relief Society Pres. about an Easter Egg hunt/Church tour thing that I mentioned to Sister Ladle about doing and then we brought it to Bishop Arp and so it's gonna happen!!! The main goal out of this activity is to get the members to invite their neighbors. And to invite friends because that's how the work will hasten! If the members introduce us then it'll be easier to teach them cause they trust their friends. :) If that makes sense! 
I think sometimes when I walk out of a lesson or message that nothing I said made any sense. But hey, the spirit was there and maybe it did make sense. I feel like words literally just come out of my mouth. 

It's been good though! I love doing service! And eating food! But no worries. I won't come home without looking like I did when I left :) And they say that when you go home, you loose about 10 lbs the first week so I'm good! :) The members know that I like eating ice cream though and all other dessert stuff. It's gonna be a great mission!!!! :D
I love you all and I guess I will update next week :)

Sister Svedin :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hey everyone. This week has been one to remember. They say in a mission you'll experience a low and a high and that sure did happen this week! Who cares about the low but the high was great!!! We tracked in the snow! And then the next day Heavenly Father blessed us with 75 degree weather!! Then, besides not reaching our goals, we were able to come up with really awesome ideas! We were able to share sweet messages with members! I feel like I never have time to share everything that happened! But read Alma 24. It's awesome and think what the weapons of today are and what you want to bury. Then tell me about it. I would love to hear what you are burying. Also transfers are coming up and I am super stoked! We are moving into a new home and missionaries are going to be changing! Leaving and coming in! So I am pumped for that! Yesterday I gave a talk in church about Conversion and what it is and how do we become and what to do to stay converted! It was awesome! I was super nervous but I held that in and nobody could tell! Or so they say! I'm ready for this week! It'll be good!!!
Love you all lots and so grateful for the prayers :)
Sister Svedin :)

                                                                       *I'm still me!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Week Just Went By.... WUUUHT!?

So this past week went by so quick it was similar to a lightning strike. So quick and heated that it leaves a burn mark and that burn mark was on my testimony. This past week I have learned the Enabling power of the Atonement. There are many stories in the Book of Mormon and Bible that show how the enabling power was used. Ill tell you one and mine. So in the Book of Mormon, Nephi gets bound up by his brothers left to die pretty much. Nephi prays though. He asks for strength so he can get himself loose. And that's it. He prays for strength to get himself out of the situation. He doesn't pray for Heavenly Father to remove the situation from him. That's the enabling power. So in other words, pray for strength to change your circumstances not for the circumstances to be changed. Act, don't be acted upon. The enabling power comes through His grace. Okay so my story now. I really suck at fasting. I end up getting headaches if I don't eat or drink. So I am so grateful that I learned more of this enabling power of the Atonement. I knew it would work but I wasn't super sure. I prayed that morning for strength that as I fasted I would be able to do a full fast and that I would be able to according to His will, have the ability to sustain from food and water. Anyways.... yesterday, I had no problems. My testimony grew and I know that Jesus suffered for us. That He made it possible so we could return back to live with our Heavenly Father and that as we use the redeeming and the enabling power of the Atonement, we will be able to get through life because we are leaning on Jesus. He wants us to. He wants to help us with everything. We have been given a weakness. And no its not we suck at this and suck at that, its mortality. Mortality is our weakness. But as we Come Unto Him and to the things we have been asked to do, our weakness will be made strong!! :)
So some silly things that happened.... and other stuff. I SNORTED!!!! what the? I was so embarrassed. It was in front of the zone leaders and I don't snort when I laugh. Oh well though... life happens. Something else.. Sister Ladle totes dropped a crate of milk on accident and 2 gallons broke and she was super embarrassed by it. I told her though that I think God is hilarious and then told her a story about how when He made the body, He told an angel to come and watch and so then he poked it and it farted and then I said so I am pretty positive that He pushed the cart and made it seem like you dropped it. But it was so funny! Wanna know something weird too... For some odd reason, people laugh at the things I say. I'm not that funny. HA JK! I am HILARIOUS!!!
There is an Elder here and this past week we were helping someone move out of their house and so I wore a maroon sweatshirt I bought for way cheap to keep me warm cause I forgot to pack a sweatshirt. Anyways, he wore a maroon shirt. and he brought up that we matched.... And uhh. it was awkward. Then yesterday... he wore a tie the same color as my shirt. Double U! What is happening? Anyways... Write me some letters!! I love walking in at night and a letter is sitting on the table and its addressed to me! I love IT!!! Even if in the letter, it was a sentence long. Well... that'd be silly if you sent a sentence long letter! But do it!
QUOTE: Sister Ladle and I love to say this, I GOTCHU HOMIE!!
Just between the girls.... Our companionship is like girls camp! if ya know what I mean... :P
I love you all! And I hope you all are enjoying the weather cause here its cold and warm then cold!! Its very bipolar.
make good choices and CTR!
p.s.(Frozen - Do you want to build a snowman)
Do you want a Book of Mormon?
Come on, Lets go and pray
We wanna teach a little more,
Open that door!
Its like youve gone away!
You used to be potential
but now youre not.
We wish you would tell us why!!!
Do you want a Book of Mormon?
(We just want you to be Mormon)
   Go away missionaries
Okay bye...
Idea thought of by me with some help from family and Sister Wen!!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

My Testimony :) - February 24, 2014

Hi everyone! 
This week has been the best ever! Many things have happened! I just want to take this time that I have to share my testimony with you. Of course all the fun stuff I do is interesting and it's fun to read about that but I just want to let you know that I know the Church of Jesus Christ has the fullness of the gospel and that it is true! I know that the priesthood has been restored back onto this earth for us to use! We don't use it enough!! Always ask for blessings when you need them. They are for us to have direct communication with our Father in Heaven. He loves us so much! He has blessed us with families and many other things! He loves us so much that he sent His Son to die for us. The Savior suffered for us so we wouldn't have to. Use the Atonement. Use it to get rid of your burdens and most importantly, Forgive Yourself. The Savior suffered for us already. He has already paid the price. Lean on him. Give up the stress that you are going through and be happy! God wants us all to be happy and have a good life. Hold to the rod. Keep yourself on the path to righteousness and by your example, others WILL follow! They will see the happiness in your life and want the same. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is true and has been given to us to read. Read it! Through the scriptures, Heavenly Father can talk to us and give us revelation, along with prayer. My challenge to you is also for myself. Each night, kneel down and pray and at the end of each prayer, (before closing it) tell Heavenly Father and Jesus what you have learned about the gospel or Him that day. He wants us to talk to Him. Along with that, have faith that he is listening. Have faith that he will help you. Faith without works is dead. Show your faith and he will bless you. I love you all so much and I love the gospel and being a missionary is the best!!!! EVER!
Sister Svedin :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fiber One Bar, and other stuff! - February 18, 2014

Okay so this past week is week 2 in my planner and I went to my first Zone Conference!! There is a family here, well there are alot of families here and they are all awesome! Specifically though, I have grown close to the Faria family. They are the best! They tell us to try to stay away from party homes but we can't do that if we get to go to dinner with them :) I am so grateful for that! Also, I have no idea why I can't say their last name right. I know how to say it but everytime I do, I say Ferrari. Which is really bad during prayers cause then we just end up laughing during the prayer. I've decided, although its not gonna happen all the time... That since our Heavenly Father has a sense of humor, it's okay when something funny happens during the prayer and we chuckle a little. Not recommended though. But I have realized its not something to be worried about. It happens :) On Thursday we called our dinner appointment to make sure it was still okay for us to come over and then we showed up that night and she had totally forgot! We had grilled cheese sandwiches and applesauce! Best meal! Ha! Friday I went to the Follow up trainers meeting and that was AWESOME! I got to see all my MTC sisters and...elders.
One thing that we always do during dinner appointments is leave them with a message. This week, Sister Ladle and I were directed more towards our weaknesses and as we come closer to Christ we see them more and how we need His help to help our weaknesses grow strong! Also the commitment that we left with them was to start to develop a Christlike Attribute. I have been working on Humility. And boy do I still need to work on it. I have been learning more and more each day and have started to see that it makes sense that as I strive for humility to also have diligence and to be patient and they all work together! So pick up a Preach my Gospel and look at chapter 6. Read through it and see what you need to work on. Be honest with yourself and as you work on it, youll grow closer to Christ and you will develop that attribute. Pray for help and He will help you. He is always there, waiting for you to turn to Him so He can help you with your every day needs! He loves you and I love you too!
HAHA okay one last thing.... so there are 5 missionary curses that I have learned: 1) peeing your pants 2) #2 in your pants 3) hugged by opposite gender 4) kissed by opposite gender and 5) unknown. It'll just be something bad.
But I have gone a whole month and the only thing that has happened is hugged by opposite gender. It wasnt bad though. The old bishop of the ward I am in just gives hugs all the time. I walked into their house and he just gave me a side hug. And it didn't even bother me. It was good. It was like getting a side hug from a family member. So technically it doesn't count. But yup. Anyways the work is progressing, my companion is the best ever and I am having the best time.
Love you all and I hope all is super well at home :)
Sister Svedin :)

p.s. Dont eat Fiber One bars.... They may taste good but it left me all bloated and my stummy didn't feel good. Other than that... Read the scriptures and pray and your life will be blessed :)

Explanation of "It's Just Kinda Perfect" - February 10, 2014

(Handwritten letter)

I guess I didn't explain my subject title from the email. By that I was meaning, EVERYTHING that happens ends up being perfect.

The other day we went to dinner at a members home and we really lost track of time because we were laughing and having such an awesome time. That night we had two appointments after dinner. We realized the time, taught a lesson (which was basically a short message on how to become better and closer to Christ), and then left. We got to the car (cause we have a car!) and I looked a the phone expecting missed calls from our appointments BUT there were only text messages from them saying they couldn't have us over and the other was they came down with the flu and that we really shouldn't come over. That was all a miracle. It's funny how it worked out though. Heavenly Father and Jesus loves us so much. All of us and when we aren't paying attention, He is and He takes care of us. Of course, we learned to really be obedient but everything that happened was just kind of perfect!

So my companion, Sister Ladle, like a soup ladle, has been having a rough time. This whole week we have been together, she has asked for 3 blessings. She has anxiety and has been really anxious and some more stuff and it really worries me. There are some nights where she can't fall asleep and I tell her to wake me up, but she is just too kind for that and says I look too peaceful. anyways, tonight was really good. Today was rough for her and tonight she asked for a blessing of healing. All she wants is to be healed and not have to deal with everything. (It makes me uber sad) But tonight was amazing. the spirit in the room felt so good and the blessing was beautiful. the Elder that did't give the blessing said "I call the next one". But it's not really up to him on that but how amazing right? It's so amazing to see the power of God through immature/mature Elders. It's another one of those kind of perfect things. My respect for the Priesthood holders has grown more today. I'm thinking my companion will sleep well tonight! I hope she does! Anyways...that's that :)

Love you all and miss you! I get mom/grandma/sister/friend hugs here every single day. There's a little old lady - 91 years old! She said to me today, "Whenever you need a mom hug come to me." I seriously LOVE her hugs because it reminds me of all of you! :)

Sister Svedin

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Its Just Kind Of PERFECT! - February 10, 2014

Okay so this past week has been cool! I am going to apologize now because I have a feeling "cool" might pop up a lot because as a missionary my vocab goes down in worldly words to churchy words! Its cool though because its like a veil has been put over my mind. No joke. I cant remember any songs besides the "Frozen" soundtrack and any song that someone else sings or song that is playing in a store. Mission life is great! I have been feed by the members every single night. They ALWAYS give us dessert too. and its usually brownies. MY FAVORITE!! There is just something about a brownie that is hard to resist. This week, Sister Ladle and I got in 21 lessons! We are pretty cool and our awkward moments are continuing. And my funny stupidity also! ha so this morning I said to Sister Ladle, "I'm not really a sleep deeper". She busted up laughing and then I realized what I said and well yah... I think we laugh more than we work out. Which is cool because laughing works the core right?
I have had a tremendous growth also. I'm constantly learning more and I love this article that we read. It's called the 4th Missionary. READ IT! It's pretty cool! No worries about me, I'm striving to be the 4th missionary! I have learned a lot about agency and how we have the agency to give our agency to the Lord. It's so cool!! Really read the article. It will help you in your life. Just think of it as a member and not a missionary! BE THE 4TH MEMBER!!! It will bless your life if you do! I promise you that it will :) It's suppose to warm up this week and I am super glad! Love you all and I hope all of you, whoever is reading this, is having a great life! Look for the blessings in your life! Be Grateful! and Love life because life is worth loving! Even through rough patches! 
Over and out!
Sister Svedin :) :) :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

MTC Experience

Saturday, January 25, 2014
Hi mom! So my first day was good! But the second not so much and the 3rd day.... boy oh boy. Hopefully Monday is wayyyyyy easier! I wrote letters today so you will get them next week! My Patriarchal blessing is in my journal which I put in one of my boxes of clothing! I think. But I really need you to send me that! also, I have some money that I forgot to pay for tithing. So maybe I could send you it? or I could just have you take 11 dollars out of the bank and write up a tithing slip. I will get the thank yous done. I'm thinking I'll have time for that on the plane or next p day when I actually know what I am doing. 

I had a really hard day on Friday. I kept thinking because I was going to be practicing how to teach and it was going to be towards someone that was pretending to be an investigator. That was so hard for me. I can't just pretend to do that. And it was hard. I felt so lame because my comp was doing just fine! Her name is Sister Wilde. I cried. It was hard. My teachers gave me a blessing though, and that was what helped me soooo much. I'm totally okay with it now because I don't have to do it again. But I'm thankful for it because it taught me. I've noticed that the morning is super difficult and then at night its way easy. I am more confident at night! Which is good!

I'm way excited to just get out into the field and start teaching the gospel to those that have never heard of what I am teaching them! I am doing way good! and I will have a pday before I get on the plane! My pdays are Saturdays! Well here they are! Anyways! I just want to make sure that the family is striving to be good! It is so important to pray. Prayer is so essential. I pray before I do everything basically! even before I played volleyball. Weird but do it! Thats one thing I want the family to start doing. Pray in the morning. Pray at night. Pray alone. Pray before meals! Talk with Heavenly Father. He is there wanting to know about what we are going through and He is wanting to help. We just have to ask. 
I love you so much mom! Have a good week! Don't miss me much because it's like I'm at school for church! I am learning so much! This next week, I get to teach real investigators that have been taught before or they are recently baptized! So it will be way easier than someone that has been on a mission and knows the gospel! 
Love you! 
Sister Svedin :)

Also, Have Grandma email me. I dont know her address... Thank her for the cookies! because you'll talk to her before I get the chance! Tell her that I haven't taken the ring off besides when I work out because they don't allow us to have rings on! But it gets put in a safe place! I won't lose it :) and let grandma and grandpa know that I love them! Well, let everyone know that I love them and tomorrow won't be the same. But my family (disrict) here will just be a substitute until I come back home which will be in August actually! 
Love ya! 
Sister Svedin :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014
Okay mom! I'm here! The MTC is the best! I told all my teachers that I was excited to get out into the field and they didn't think I was being serious! Being here is just like being at home! The Sisters treat me just like anyone would at home. They always joke around and make fun of me and I love it because it creates good giggles! One of the funniest things was one of my teachers really just struggled with saying my name and every time he would say it he would ask if it was right and it never was so I wrote out a pronunciation for him (sss-fuh-dean) and he still couldn't get it. He always said zvedin. and so I said "Say snake!" and all the sisters just started laughing. I guess snake wasn't the best way to help him get the SV part down. So another teacher Brother Welch said say "sphere" so that one helped more. Ha I just thought snake would work because snakes make the ssss sound. Anyways, I don't even know how to say the teachers name. Its Brother Pinnock. I never said it cause i didn't wanna mess it up. Anyways! So, I had a couple of teachers, Bro. Pinnock, Bro. Belliston, and Bro. Holmquist, and then some others that were there. Bro. Johnson and Bro. Rasmussen. They were all cool and very caring! I love my district also! We have giggle attacks and that's the best! 
I wrote a letter but saved this story for email! This happened Thursday the last day I had with all my teachers! and Bro. Pinnock gave us all a situation and it was that we had been teaching lessons to an investigator and they called us and said sorry, I just don't want to meet with the missionaries anymore. You can come by and pick up the Book of Mormon you gave me and we can talk for a little bit but ya.... So this lesson was to help us as missionaries listen to the spirit to help the investigator remember all that they have felt and learned. And it was the best experience I have had here at the MTC with the Spirit! I had to really rely on the Spirit to tell me what to ask and what to say. And It was amazing! 
Another awesome story!!! I went to gym yesterday and they have a board with records and girls didn't have one for bench press of push-ups so I did it!! and it has to hold for a week then I will get a certificate!!!!! and my name up on the board. I set the record at 40 push-ups and 23 reps for 50 pounds on the bench press. Except it shouldn't be called bench press because its a shoulder press.... different muscles. But yah!!! I love you!!! and I am way excited to go out and serve Denver!!! I got my Patriachal blessing and I bought a call card so I'll be calling you sometime in the morning on Monday. My flight leaves at 7 am and I leave the MTC at 3:30 am so sometime between then. Get everybody up when I call!!! And answer my call cause it cuts minutes off the card for every call I make! so Answer!!!!!
Love ya!
Sister Svedin :)

Feb. 4, 2014 1st Email!

Hey there!
It's Sister Svedin and this is my first official email to you. I flew on an airplane for the first time taking my mission adventure to Denver, Colorado (in case you forgot that I am here and not there). The flight really messed with my head and made me feel all weird the whole day but it was my first time... probably happens to everyone. I got to the airport and walking from the airplane to the building... I saw my breathe. It is freezing here and all snow-like. Good thing for heat and warm jackets and a car instead of a bike! Appreciate the warm weather and warm hot sun in the summer cause I am wanting that right now! So my adventure through the airport was great. I got on a subway thing to go and get my baggage in another building and almost fell over when it started going. Holding on is important sometimes! Especially if its the Iron Rod! *singing* Hold to the rod, the iron rod! The Elders are really helpful! They are constantly wanting to take things and do things for the Sisters and it is so kind! So boys, men, brethren, Do things for girls! It shows that you care and I am pretty sure it is part of a Christlike attribute! I met my Mission President and wife and then met the AP missionaries. (I' not actually sure what they are called, I'm still getting used to this whole mission life) We went to the mission home and learned some more stuff. Orientation stuff. Great stuff like being proper and all etiquette at the table and members homes because missionaries here stay at members homes and eat dinner everyday with a member or someone else that is so caring to feed us! I have made really good friendships with my Sistrect (District full of Sisters) :). We all separated yesterday and that was fun but sad. I have gotten to go through the most craziest awesome life blessing experiences of change in a matter of 2 weeks. Would I do it again?? Ill tell you in a month. Its hard to get settled in. Most of you know my life, and I have never gone through dramatic changes. BUT, I wont be coming home to get away from these dramatic changes because they are for the good! I get to bring others unto Christ and share the gospel with them! I get to rely everything I have on Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I get to have the constant companionship with the Holy Ghost and I love it! At times, its hard to remember all of that because I start to think of myself and everything I am going through but then I just stop thinking and just really stop thinking. Thinking is my worst friend besides when its about the gospel :) I have learned a lot! One thing that Satan can do is get into our thoughts and put us down and direct us in a path that we shouldn't be going in. That's why we should all just stop thinking about ourselves ;) and Hold to the ROD!!! But really. Take a day, or a week and don't do anything for yourself. In your prayers, pray for others and things that others need. Do small things for others.
One of the excited tasks I get to do is Service! There is a program here that the missionaries are involved in called JustServe. So each week we as missionaries are all challenged to do 10 hours of service and I am just so excited! We cant share the gospel while doing the service but we go with our name tags and serve being examples of Christ! Hopefully planting that seed in the people of Denvers hearts that this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is true and that we are service-oriented! and that they'll want to learn more of the oriented things. Its like a multi-vitamin church. You take in the church and you get a lot of things out of it! so I guess the church is Multi-oriented in everything that will get us to live for eternity!
If that doesn't make sense.... Just don't think too much about it cause I have already thought too much about it! Which reminds me of something else I have really grown a strong testimony of! Jesus died for us and He took upon Him all the sins of the world and suffered. He has already suffered for us allowing us not to have to. He wants us to return to live with Him and wants us to be happy! We all sin. All we have to do though is turn to Christ and I promise you that He will forgive you as you pray and have a change of heart to not sin again. The thing that is so special though is that if we do end up sinning that same thing again, He will forgive you. He loves you wants each one of us to turn to Him and follow His example and do the things that he has asked us to do. Ha its such a missionary thing to say but really... pretend I just got up in fast and testimony meeting and said that as a non-missionary! Cause its true whether or not I am a missionary or just Ashlee :)
I love the gospel and miss everyone! SO MUCH! even work and not having a whole meal! I miss just eating whenever and not just breakfast, lunch, and Dinner. I don't even get to have ice cream at odd hours of the night because I am sleeping so when you are eating ice cream after 9:30 (cause that's when I have to be back home no matter what. and I'm not sure if we even have the sufficient needs to buy ice cream or time to eat it) I hope you think of me and how much I would love to be there with you eating that Ice cream! I'm so glad I am here though with all of the guidelines I choose to follow! I'm planning on getting skinny ;) Its been 2 weeks and I'm still going strong so you better know I am committed to this! Love you all! Miss you!

Also! My sister Companion is Sister Ladle. Like a soup Ladle! ha and she is great! We have been learning about some same similarities that we are both blessed with like our favorite color and our awkward ways! It really is great because she can relate to me! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ really knows who we are and who we need in our life because I just know already that Sister Ladle will be helping me a lot with everything because she has been through it!

*Mom: include the stories I wrote to you! They are funny. And it'll let everyone know I am still my awkward self!

I made it! and the first flight experience was good. Really messed with my head but it was good. I talked way too much I guess cause Sister Hoopes said after that she tried to take a nap but couldn't because all she could hear was me. 
Sister Ashlee Svedin
Colorado Denver North Mission
6368 Iris Way
Arvada, CO 80004
That's the address. The camera is actually fine. It just has to be used the right way by someone that isn't shaky. Mom, everyone here is so happy and generous to take photos for me. But I am going to start using my camera. I just need to find the cord. I only have 4 pictures though... The weather here is so cold! It snowed last night and just sitting in the house i feel the coldness. Its actually snowing right now! My companion is Sister Ladle and guess what. She is awkward! So we connect in that way! My first awkward story of Arvada is my zone went to dinner at a members home last night and it was a "greenie" dinner. So everything was green! We had soup and it was cheesy potato ham soup! REALLY GOOD!!! and then blue and orange rolls left over from Sunday. Anyways I am eating the soup and soup drops on my chin and an Elder that I know from the MTC saw and said Sister Svedin you can take off your scarf and then you wont end up with a green scarf. I then said my scarf isn't green though. Its blue. Then I said anyways if i took it off it would require me taking off my scarf. (lazy side of me). Then like a min. later I said okay Ill take it off for you.
And the dumb Elder said OH! and then laughed and then his comp went wide eye and his comp is the Zone leader and my comp didn't hear anything and a member heard it and then we all started laughing and I was dying inside because of everything... It was awkward. And then... my 2nd story. I'm at a member families home and we are leaving and my comp hugs all of them then I just look at them all and they stand looking at me. and it was so awkward. The mom said so are you a hugger or hand shaker or nothing... after the whole awkwardness coming out of me. I hugged them. It ended good. But this change is hard. I just wish I was already into the first month of my mission because its rough having to meet everyone. I feel like I could be a convert into the church just getting to know everything and what exactly I am suppose to be doing. But I love you and I love everyone back home and MISS EVERYONE! This will be long short 18 months though! There are a lot of things I am looking forward to like basketball and doing service! We get to put in 10 hours of service a week so I am really excited about that! Love you! Sister Svedin :) 

Sister Svedin :)