Monday, March 24, 2014

TO EVERYONE!!! - March 24, 2014

So family and friends,

I have gathered you today to read about my past week. Shout out to Sister McFarland and also the Young Womens and Emily and Grandma and Grandpa. I love you all!
On Wednesday I got to attend the temple! I love it! I have also been praying for a trial. And I havent gotten one yet. Heavenly Father likes to mess with me. I have decided my trial is to not recieve a trial. :) 
To all the insiders : I met "the missionary". NBD! Moving on.....
No joke, every family in my ward has a baby. And I can't hold babies. Maybe that's my trial?
Tracting is so fun! I love knocking on doors. The sidewalks here are a little small. My companion Sister Kreissl actually wrote down something that I said! I said "It's like their own personal fat joke they have for everyone." Cause seriously we can not walk next to each other. 
I saw a '67 Mustang. :) They only made 500 of them BTW.
This transfer is going to be awesome! I love going over to Arvada Estates in case you didnt know. I have many friends there! And hymn singing is the best! 
On Sunday we had linger longer after church. It was so yummy! I loved it! and I have gained a different testimony about the Book of Mormon. I was reading one day this past week and it stood out to me while reading that I have read the Book of Mormon. And if I turn away from the gospel, when I am judged on Judgement day, the Book of Mormon will be there testifying that I have witnessed the truthfulness of the gospel and that I have felt the spirit. So many times do the writers of the Book of Mormon say that they testify of the things that are in the book. So just a thought for you all. 
I know this church is true and that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. Christ is our Savior. Through Him we can become better and live with our families forever! Prophets are called of God! Joseph Smith was called to Restore the fullness of the gospel back on the earth! and Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today who leads and guides us! Conference is coming up and I am super excited! Not only because I am a missionary and the spirit I carry with me is exemplified it seems like rather than it would being at home, but because we all get to sit down and listen to the prophet and all the other speakers!! 
I love you all so very much! And I have not forgotten any of you! I passed my 2 month mark! AWESOME! only 16 months left. 
Love, Sister Svedin! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Transfers. New home. New companion. New responsibilities. NEW EVERYTHING!! - March 18, 2014

So I have a new companion and her name is Sister Kreissl. She is awesome! Her and Sister Ladle came out the same time so they are both out 6 months. Sister Kreissl brings new things to the plate though. It's the first time also for training for her. So this'll be interesting again! People say the 2nd transfer is a tough one. Bring it! I'm ready to grow! I actually went a little crazy and prayed for a trial. I think it's that I have to know where everything is and get us there. I'm also gonna be a driving instructor cause my companion got her license right before she came out and she is 20. YAY!!! I am scared for my life actually. Heavenly Father will protect. :) No worries!

We got 2 new investigators this past week and only 4 missionaries came out this transfer! I'm way excited to be able to work with Sister Kreissl though! She is all for going out and tracting so I am excited about that! Today we went to a meeting with the Primary Pres. and Relief Society Pres. about an Easter Egg hunt/Church tour thing that I mentioned to Sister Ladle about doing and then we brought it to Bishop Arp and so it's gonna happen!!! The main goal out of this activity is to get the members to invite their neighbors. And to invite friends because that's how the work will hasten! If the members introduce us then it'll be easier to teach them cause they trust their friends. :) If that makes sense! 
I think sometimes when I walk out of a lesson or message that nothing I said made any sense. But hey, the spirit was there and maybe it did make sense. I feel like words literally just come out of my mouth. 

It's been good though! I love doing service! And eating food! But no worries. I won't come home without looking like I did when I left :) And they say that when you go home, you loose about 10 lbs the first week so I'm good! :) The members know that I like eating ice cream though and all other dessert stuff. It's gonna be a great mission!!!! :D
I love you all and I guess I will update next week :)

Sister Svedin :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hey everyone. This week has been one to remember. They say in a mission you'll experience a low and a high and that sure did happen this week! Who cares about the low but the high was great!!! We tracked in the snow! And then the next day Heavenly Father blessed us with 75 degree weather!! Then, besides not reaching our goals, we were able to come up with really awesome ideas! We were able to share sweet messages with members! I feel like I never have time to share everything that happened! But read Alma 24. It's awesome and think what the weapons of today are and what you want to bury. Then tell me about it. I would love to hear what you are burying. Also transfers are coming up and I am super stoked! We are moving into a new home and missionaries are going to be changing! Leaving and coming in! So I am pumped for that! Yesterday I gave a talk in church about Conversion and what it is and how do we become and what to do to stay converted! It was awesome! I was super nervous but I held that in and nobody could tell! Or so they say! I'm ready for this week! It'll be good!!!
Love you all lots and so grateful for the prayers :)
Sister Svedin :)

                                                                       *I'm still me!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Week Just Went By.... WUUUHT!?

So this past week went by so quick it was similar to a lightning strike. So quick and heated that it leaves a burn mark and that burn mark was on my testimony. This past week I have learned the Enabling power of the Atonement. There are many stories in the Book of Mormon and Bible that show how the enabling power was used. Ill tell you one and mine. So in the Book of Mormon, Nephi gets bound up by his brothers left to die pretty much. Nephi prays though. He asks for strength so he can get himself loose. And that's it. He prays for strength to get himself out of the situation. He doesn't pray for Heavenly Father to remove the situation from him. That's the enabling power. So in other words, pray for strength to change your circumstances not for the circumstances to be changed. Act, don't be acted upon. The enabling power comes through His grace. Okay so my story now. I really suck at fasting. I end up getting headaches if I don't eat or drink. So I am so grateful that I learned more of this enabling power of the Atonement. I knew it would work but I wasn't super sure. I prayed that morning for strength that as I fasted I would be able to do a full fast and that I would be able to according to His will, have the ability to sustain from food and water. Anyways.... yesterday, I had no problems. My testimony grew and I know that Jesus suffered for us. That He made it possible so we could return back to live with our Heavenly Father and that as we use the redeeming and the enabling power of the Atonement, we will be able to get through life because we are leaning on Jesus. He wants us to. He wants to help us with everything. We have been given a weakness. And no its not we suck at this and suck at that, its mortality. Mortality is our weakness. But as we Come Unto Him and to the things we have been asked to do, our weakness will be made strong!! :)
So some silly things that happened.... and other stuff. I SNORTED!!!! what the? I was so embarrassed. It was in front of the zone leaders and I don't snort when I laugh. Oh well though... life happens. Something else.. Sister Ladle totes dropped a crate of milk on accident and 2 gallons broke and she was super embarrassed by it. I told her though that I think God is hilarious and then told her a story about how when He made the body, He told an angel to come and watch and so then he poked it and it farted and then I said so I am pretty positive that He pushed the cart and made it seem like you dropped it. But it was so funny! Wanna know something weird too... For some odd reason, people laugh at the things I say. I'm not that funny. HA JK! I am HILARIOUS!!!
There is an Elder here and this past week we were helping someone move out of their house and so I wore a maroon sweatshirt I bought for way cheap to keep me warm cause I forgot to pack a sweatshirt. Anyways, he wore a maroon shirt. and he brought up that we matched.... And uhh. it was awkward. Then yesterday... he wore a tie the same color as my shirt. Double U! What is happening? Anyways... Write me some letters!! I love walking in at night and a letter is sitting on the table and its addressed to me! I love IT!!! Even if in the letter, it was a sentence long. Well... that'd be silly if you sent a sentence long letter! But do it!
QUOTE: Sister Ladle and I love to say this, I GOTCHU HOMIE!!
Just between the girls.... Our companionship is like girls camp! if ya know what I mean... :P
I love you all! And I hope you all are enjoying the weather cause here its cold and warm then cold!! Its very bipolar.
make good choices and CTR!
p.s.(Frozen - Do you want to build a snowman)
Do you want a Book of Mormon?
Come on, Lets go and pray
We wanna teach a little more,
Open that door!
Its like youve gone away!
You used to be potential
but now youre not.
We wish you would tell us why!!!
Do you want a Book of Mormon?
(We just want you to be Mormon)
   Go away missionaries
Okay bye...
Idea thought of by me with some help from family and Sister Wen!!!