Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Transfers. New home. New companion. New responsibilities. NEW EVERYTHING!! - March 18, 2014

So I have a new companion and her name is Sister Kreissl. She is awesome! Her and Sister Ladle came out the same time so they are both out 6 months. Sister Kreissl brings new things to the plate though. It's the first time also for training for her. So this'll be interesting again! People say the 2nd transfer is a tough one. Bring it! I'm ready to grow! I actually went a little crazy and prayed for a trial. I think it's that I have to know where everything is and get us there. I'm also gonna be a driving instructor cause my companion got her license right before she came out and she is 20. YAY!!! I am scared for my life actually. Heavenly Father will protect. :) No worries!

We got 2 new investigators this past week and only 4 missionaries came out this transfer! I'm way excited to be able to work with Sister Kreissl though! She is all for going out and tracting so I am excited about that! Today we went to a meeting with the Primary Pres. and Relief Society Pres. about an Easter Egg hunt/Church tour thing that I mentioned to Sister Ladle about doing and then we brought it to Bishop Arp and so it's gonna happen!!! The main goal out of this activity is to get the members to invite their neighbors. And to invite friends because that's how the work will hasten! If the members introduce us then it'll be easier to teach them cause they trust their friends. :) If that makes sense! 
I think sometimes when I walk out of a lesson or message that nothing I said made any sense. But hey, the spirit was there and maybe it did make sense. I feel like words literally just come out of my mouth. 

It's been good though! I love doing service! And eating food! But no worries. I won't come home without looking like I did when I left :) And they say that when you go home, you loose about 10 lbs the first week so I'm good! :) The members know that I like eating ice cream though and all other dessert stuff. It's gonna be a great mission!!!! :D
I love you all and I guess I will update next week :)

Sister Svedin :)

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