Sunday, February 23, 2014

Explanation of "It's Just Kinda Perfect" - February 10, 2014

(Handwritten letter)

I guess I didn't explain my subject title from the email. By that I was meaning, EVERYTHING that happens ends up being perfect.

The other day we went to dinner at a members home and we really lost track of time because we were laughing and having such an awesome time. That night we had two appointments after dinner. We realized the time, taught a lesson (which was basically a short message on how to become better and closer to Christ), and then left. We got to the car (cause we have a car!) and I looked a the phone expecting missed calls from our appointments BUT there were only text messages from them saying they couldn't have us over and the other was they came down with the flu and that we really shouldn't come over. That was all a miracle. It's funny how it worked out though. Heavenly Father and Jesus loves us so much. All of us and when we aren't paying attention, He is and He takes care of us. Of course, we learned to really be obedient but everything that happened was just kind of perfect!

So my companion, Sister Ladle, like a soup ladle, has been having a rough time. This whole week we have been together, she has asked for 3 blessings. She has anxiety and has been really anxious and some more stuff and it really worries me. There are some nights where she can't fall asleep and I tell her to wake me up, but she is just too kind for that and says I look too peaceful. anyways, tonight was really good. Today was rough for her and tonight she asked for a blessing of healing. All she wants is to be healed and not have to deal with everything. (It makes me uber sad) But tonight was amazing. the spirit in the room felt so good and the blessing was beautiful. the Elder that did't give the blessing said "I call the next one". But it's not really up to him on that but how amazing right? It's so amazing to see the power of God through immature/mature Elders. It's another one of those kind of perfect things. My respect for the Priesthood holders has grown more today. I'm thinking my companion will sleep well tonight! I hope she does! Anyways...that's that :)

Love you all and miss you! I get mom/grandma/sister/friend hugs here every single day. There's a little old lady - 91 years old! She said to me today, "Whenever you need a mom hug come to me." I seriously LOVE her hugs because it reminds me of all of you! :)

Sister Svedin

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