Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Its Just Kind Of PERFECT! - February 10, 2014

Okay so this past week has been cool! I am going to apologize now because I have a feeling "cool" might pop up a lot because as a missionary my vocab goes down in worldly words to churchy words! Its cool though because its like a veil has been put over my mind. No joke. I cant remember any songs besides the "Frozen" soundtrack and any song that someone else sings or song that is playing in a store. Mission life is great! I have been feed by the members every single night. They ALWAYS give us dessert too. and its usually brownies. MY FAVORITE!! There is just something about a brownie that is hard to resist. This week, Sister Ladle and I got in 21 lessons! We are pretty cool and our awkward moments are continuing. And my funny stupidity also! ha so this morning I said to Sister Ladle, "I'm not really a sleep deeper". She busted up laughing and then I realized what I said and well yah... I think we laugh more than we work out. Which is cool because laughing works the core right?
I have had a tremendous growth also. I'm constantly learning more and I love this article that we read. It's called the 4th Missionary. READ IT! It's pretty cool! No worries about me, I'm striving to be the 4th missionary! I have learned a lot about agency and how we have the agency to give our agency to the Lord. It's so cool!! Really read the article. It will help you in your life. Just think of it as a member and not a missionary! BE THE 4TH MEMBER!!! It will bless your life if you do! I promise you that it will :) It's suppose to warm up this week and I am super glad! Love you all and I hope all of you, whoever is reading this, is having a great life! Look for the blessings in your life! Be Grateful! and Love life because life is worth loving! Even through rough patches! 
Over and out!
Sister Svedin :) :) :)

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