Sunday, February 9, 2014

MTC Experience

Saturday, January 25, 2014
Hi mom! So my first day was good! But the second not so much and the 3rd day.... boy oh boy. Hopefully Monday is wayyyyyy easier! I wrote letters today so you will get them next week! My Patriarchal blessing is in my journal which I put in one of my boxes of clothing! I think. But I really need you to send me that! also, I have some money that I forgot to pay for tithing. So maybe I could send you it? or I could just have you take 11 dollars out of the bank and write up a tithing slip. I will get the thank yous done. I'm thinking I'll have time for that on the plane or next p day when I actually know what I am doing. 

I had a really hard day on Friday. I kept thinking because I was going to be practicing how to teach and it was going to be towards someone that was pretending to be an investigator. That was so hard for me. I can't just pretend to do that. And it was hard. I felt so lame because my comp was doing just fine! Her name is Sister Wilde. I cried. It was hard. My teachers gave me a blessing though, and that was what helped me soooo much. I'm totally okay with it now because I don't have to do it again. But I'm thankful for it because it taught me. I've noticed that the morning is super difficult and then at night its way easy. I am more confident at night! Which is good!

I'm way excited to just get out into the field and start teaching the gospel to those that have never heard of what I am teaching them! I am doing way good! and I will have a pday before I get on the plane! My pdays are Saturdays! Well here they are! Anyways! I just want to make sure that the family is striving to be good! It is so important to pray. Prayer is so essential. I pray before I do everything basically! even before I played volleyball. Weird but do it! Thats one thing I want the family to start doing. Pray in the morning. Pray at night. Pray alone. Pray before meals! Talk with Heavenly Father. He is there wanting to know about what we are going through and He is wanting to help. We just have to ask. 
I love you so much mom! Have a good week! Don't miss me much because it's like I'm at school for church! I am learning so much! This next week, I get to teach real investigators that have been taught before or they are recently baptized! So it will be way easier than someone that has been on a mission and knows the gospel! 
Love you! 
Sister Svedin :)

Also, Have Grandma email me. I dont know her address... Thank her for the cookies! because you'll talk to her before I get the chance! Tell her that I haven't taken the ring off besides when I work out because they don't allow us to have rings on! But it gets put in a safe place! I won't lose it :) and let grandma and grandpa know that I love them! Well, let everyone know that I love them and tomorrow won't be the same. But my family (disrict) here will just be a substitute until I come back home which will be in August actually! 
Love ya! 
Sister Svedin :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014
Okay mom! I'm here! The MTC is the best! I told all my teachers that I was excited to get out into the field and they didn't think I was being serious! Being here is just like being at home! The Sisters treat me just like anyone would at home. They always joke around and make fun of me and I love it because it creates good giggles! One of the funniest things was one of my teachers really just struggled with saying my name and every time he would say it he would ask if it was right and it never was so I wrote out a pronunciation for him (sss-fuh-dean) and he still couldn't get it. He always said zvedin. and so I said "Say snake!" and all the sisters just started laughing. I guess snake wasn't the best way to help him get the SV part down. So another teacher Brother Welch said say "sphere" so that one helped more. Ha I just thought snake would work because snakes make the ssss sound. Anyways, I don't even know how to say the teachers name. Its Brother Pinnock. I never said it cause i didn't wanna mess it up. Anyways! So, I had a couple of teachers, Bro. Pinnock, Bro. Belliston, and Bro. Holmquist, and then some others that were there. Bro. Johnson and Bro. Rasmussen. They were all cool and very caring! I love my district also! We have giggle attacks and that's the best! 
I wrote a letter but saved this story for email! This happened Thursday the last day I had with all my teachers! and Bro. Pinnock gave us all a situation and it was that we had been teaching lessons to an investigator and they called us and said sorry, I just don't want to meet with the missionaries anymore. You can come by and pick up the Book of Mormon you gave me and we can talk for a little bit but ya.... So this lesson was to help us as missionaries listen to the spirit to help the investigator remember all that they have felt and learned. And it was the best experience I have had here at the MTC with the Spirit! I had to really rely on the Spirit to tell me what to ask and what to say. And It was amazing! 
Another awesome story!!! I went to gym yesterday and they have a board with records and girls didn't have one for bench press of push-ups so I did it!! and it has to hold for a week then I will get a certificate!!!!! and my name up on the board. I set the record at 40 push-ups and 23 reps for 50 pounds on the bench press. Except it shouldn't be called bench press because its a shoulder press.... different muscles. But yah!!! I love you!!! and I am way excited to go out and serve Denver!!! I got my Patriachal blessing and I bought a call card so I'll be calling you sometime in the morning on Monday. My flight leaves at 7 am and I leave the MTC at 3:30 am so sometime between then. Get everybody up when I call!!! And answer my call cause it cuts minutes off the card for every call I make! so Answer!!!!!
Love ya!
Sister Svedin :)

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